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Is there a way to have the status of the position reflect the most advanced event? That is, if there have been interviews scheduled, an update stating that applications have been acknowledged should not change the status from yellow back to green. For example, as I write this Millikin has entries for "interviews scheduled," "offer made", and "application acknowledged". But because application acknowledged was last, the status on the front page is application acknowledged, whereas the most relevant in formation is that an offer has been made.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I agree that the wiki shouldn't display "applications acknowledged" when the school has scheduled interviews. However, there are two importantly different scenarios in which a job listing could go from "interviews scheduled" to "applications acknowledged." The first is the one you seem to suspect for Millikin, which is that the school has scheduled interviews, but someone who just received an acknowledgment of their application went and changed it to "applications acknowledged." The second is that someone incorrectly reported that the school has scheduled interviews, and someone else changed it back to the correct status of "applications acknowledged." (It looks like this happened with Carleton University, for instance.)

At the moment, we have no good way to distinguish these two scenarios. Because I'm inclined to think that the second scenario occurs more often than the first, I think the current method of displaying statuses is best.

I suppose we could have the wiki prompt users who try to "revert" to a "less advanced status." For instance, if you try to change a job listing's status from "interviews scheduled" to "applications acknowledged," we could pop up a dialog discouraging you from changing it unless you have reason to believe that the current status is incorrect and asking you to click 'Continue' to change the status. I dislike adding extra steps to the process, but maybe that one is worth it.

What do people think? Should we add a confirmation pop up for "retrograde" updates? This would not affect "normal" status updates (e.g., from "first-round interviews scheduled" to "second-round interviews scheduled") or even "ditto" updates (e.g., when someone clicks on "first-round interviews scheduled," even though that's the current status, in order to "second" the report).

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